Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Oakdale (Sears)

The Oak Park (Sears)

515 S. Crescent Ave. Circa 1957

515 S. Crescent Ave.

The Elmwood (Sears)

233 Lake Ave.

The Crescent (Sears)

1108 W. Prairie Ave. (Sears)

124 N. Clinton St.

124 N. Washington Ave.

816 S. Fairview Ave.

407 N. Wisner St. (2 Story)

The Verona (Sears)

804 S. Prospect Ave.
509 S. Vine Ave.

The Puritan (Sears)

219 Columbia Ave.

The Van Jean (Sears)

729 Gillick St.

The Barrington (Sears)

11 Gillick St.

The Maywood (Sears)

9 Gillick St.

The Elsmore (Sears)

(From 1923 Sears' Homes Catalog)

730 S. Washington

The Avalon (Sears)

522 S. Chester Ave.

449 S. Stewart Ave.

The Vallonia (Sears)

418 N. Knight Original Order Form
418 N. Knight Home Customizations

Various Photographs of 418 N. Knight Street
418 N. Knight St.

221 N. Knight St.

600 S. Crescent St.

The Walton (Sears)

125 Imperial St.