Thursday, May 13, 2010

Harris Brothers Homes!

In addition to Sears, Harris Brothers Co. (based in Chicago) also manufactured read-to-assemble "kit homes." Harris Brothers Co. published their first mail-order catalog in 1916 and continued to sell catalog homes until 1932.

904 S. Cumberland Ave.

841 S. Fairview Ave.

709 S. Cumberland Ave.


  1. 709 Cumberland is currently for sale. We attended the open house and were able to admire many original details such as lighting, dining room cabinetry and a curious nook in the hallway, as well as radiators and a beautiful old stove. While there, we heard a contractor inquiring to the realtor about lot dimensions. No doubt, this cute historic home is doomed unless someone saves it.

  2. as of 8/31/16 -904 Cumberland (which is actually 904 S. Fairview) is currently for sale $439,000. would love for someone to save it.